aigo GeYao

What is GeYao?

GeYao is one of the five famous kilns in Song Dynasty.聽 The fine ice crack lines formed naturally on the surface of each art piece are regarded as "Heavenly Creation". GeYao is a cultural and artistic treasure of all mankind.

In Chinese language, "Ge" means old brother, so Ge Kiln is also called the Old Brother Kiln. It was invented by the Song Dynasty craftsman Zhang Shengyi in Liutian County, Zhejiang Province. It is said that Zhang Shengyi accidentally cooled the kiln prematurely when the porcelains were still too hot. The sudden cooling made the glaze cracked into pieces. He had to fill the cracks will different colored glaze, thus created a new type of glaze.

The most distinguished feature of Ge kiln ware would be its crackling patterns. The surface of the glaze displays natural patterns such as ice-crackles, fine crackles, or fish egg crackles and so forth. The areas enclosed within the cracks can vary from the size of large chunks of ice to speckles as small as fish eggs. The actual crackle lines also vary in width and can be filled in with different colors such as black, gold or red. This effect is sometimes referred to as "gold and iron threads". The crackling in the glaze is caused by differences in the degree of expansion of various parts of the glaze. This was originally an imperfection in technology, but was taken advantage of by porcelain artisans and made into added aesthetic element.

Ge kiln wares are simple yet elegant. They are indicative of the literary and aesthetic pursuits of the Song Dynasty ruling class, whose members spent on ceramic production techniques whatever was necessary to obtain pieces that satisfied fully their aesthetic desires. Even ceramic daily use utensils were so carefully and beautifully crafted as to appear ornamental rather than functional.

What is aigo's GeYao?

Unique to the legend being told on GeYao's aesthetical magnificence, combining the control of time, pressure and temperature; aigo developed a patented technology and created the World's First GeYao's Digital Camera. Fine crack lines patterns naturally occurring on each piece leaves no two similar lines on each GeYao's Digital Camera.

This is the true art of integrating culture essence with natural beauty and modern science and technology, let aigo GeYao series of products continue to charm the world with its nonpareil personified magnificence!